Right before Christmas 2010 I put together a CD of music that brought to mind Lance and his fight for LIFE.  I would love to send you a copy.  Please send me an email at:  ASnyder305@aol.com.  Put “gift” in the subject field and don’t forget to include your mailing address.  Thank you for following our blog and for supporting my brother…Ashley Snyder Frankis

One response to “A GIFT FOR YOU

  1. Debbie Eilbacher

    Ashley, I met you at Klein’s Pharmacy last Tuesday (Monday?) night. My son, Drew, has the brain tumor also. It was such a pleasure to meet you. There seem to be so many “coincidences” in our lives. I was reading through your (Lance’s) blog and came upon another one. My mom grew up in Jamestown, NY and spent many, many hours at Chatauqua Lake. I have been there many times for dinner and have heard many more stories about it! I get goose bumps when I think about the many similarities in our lives. I love the pictures of your family. I hope that Ryan is doing well and that Lance is on his way to recovery. I would love to have a copy of the CD you made for Lance. I am happy to make a monetary contribution if you would like.

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