Words cannot express the gratitude our family has for Morgan who has been in Pittsburgh for about a week now, being the most amazing brother to Francine.  He once told her, “Francine, you’ve never had a brother; but you have one now.  And this is forever.”  He has sat with her, walked with her, grieved with her, and has helped her make some very hard decisions.

Catholic hospice has been wonderful.  They provide care and assistance on so many different levels.  They bring comfort by explaining what is happening and why.  It’s amazing how once strangers can be so quickly and naturally drawn into the circle of love surrounding Lance.

Francine, Mom, and Dad are at peace; they are being so strong.  Morgan too; he is “our rock.”  To be quite honest, I cannot imagine being there right now, as I am still in Baltimore preparing to go home.

Julia and I arrive Sunday, as do Parker, Kasia, and Tristan.  Bob, Garrett, and Ryan will join us on Thursday.  I have not heard yet from Cherie what she, Joshua, and Abigail plan to do.  Please pray for safe travels and divine intervention, as we all reunite with Lance who is in a much more fragile state than when we all last saw him.

Thank you.

With love from all of the Snyders,



Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Give us today our daily bread…

Matthew 6:10,11

10 responses to “Homecomings

  1. kristin and david

    Words’ cannot express what we are feeling for you and your family. You are and always have been an amazing family,
    we love you Lance,, Prayers and thoughts to you xoxoxoxo

  2. Our hearts and prayers and trust in God’s faithful attentiveness are with you all. This is holy ground you are on; thank you for the honor of bringing us onto it as well.
    Sallie and Ken Ross

  3. Carolyn Hoffman

    Our hearts are breaking for Lance and the entire Snyder family. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this most difficult time. God Bless you Lance.
    Carolyn & Howard Hoffman

  4. May God and his angels and saints bless all of you and your family.

  5. Every bit of emotion that moves the earth beneath the feet of every individual who reads these God-awesome outpourings of love, every tear that falls in hurt and happiness is the unsettled Spirit that unites us all in this broken world as we try to make sense – and make it home.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy who I met just years ago, who told me more about how the logo should appear for his new construction site – as I sat almost taken-back in offense at his confidence and refined sketches.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy who would be one of the few who would frequently turn-around to compliment the work I would do for him.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy who pleasantly conversed with me at Heinz Field for a company event, and squinted as looked at my silhouette against the huge windows as he shared his yearly fishing planner template.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy who took on this challenge so the Glory of God could be seen through him.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy who I was lucky enough to share lunch with – him and his wife – after the whirlwind began, and I sat in awe, hanging on his every word thinking, “There’s nothing wrong with him. His Spirit is 100%!”
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Was the beautiful blue-eyed boy whose house I passed the other day and prayed hoping his physical connection to this world would know a miracle.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    Is the beautiful blue-eyed boy who I STILL credit for sharing the most simplistic, yet most profound essence of how to live in an idea – how he wanted to MAKE something to TEACH someone HOW TO DO something and WATCH how HAPPY it made them.
    *100% of The Spirit…
    I need to remember, is here now in this beautiful blue-eyed boy who graces the presence of his family at this very moment.

    This is certainly not about me or one person here, but I learn so much by the day – all because of Lance.
    Everyone loves this beautiful blue-eyed boy who is 100% of The Spirit. Always has been and always will be.
    He, as we in Christ, are now and forever!!!

  6. You are all not just in our prayers, but you are our prayer. Wishing for you peace and strength in feeling the breath of Christ.
    Barbara Bolls

  7. Continue to lift you all up to our loving Father. Know He is holding Lance and all of inHis hands. Thank you for the inspiration that your family is to so many others. May they see Christ clearly in you.

  8. Marian Flowers

    May God continue to be with you all as He has been for the past year and a half. Thank you for sharing your long trip with all of us. You have been in our prayers since the beginning and will continue to be.
    The Flowers Family

  9. Mary Ann,
    I pray for Lance and your family daily. As I sit here with tears in my eyes after reading your recent post, I am amazed at your incredible family. May God continue to give you His love and the strength you need to be at peace by Lance’s side.
    Janet McKay

  10. Stephanie Veenis

    Thank you, Francine and Lance, and all The Snyder Family, for showing us how love, faith, and grace can carry you through what is intense sadness and immence grief. We will embrace you with our prayers, and the smiles that come, as we reflect on the friendships that we have shared. Two generations have called him “A friend”.
    Stephanie, Mark, Tucker, and Courtenay

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