Treatment will Be Started on Monday 11/15; met with Mario Lemieux last night


My treatment has not been started; only my fly fishing for Steelhead, Church / Mass during the week and weekend continues, real estate work picks up in a huge way, hanging out with family and friends, and all kinds of sporting events, wine making, getting ready for Holidays, and all kinds of other things. My originial plan was to eat Thanksgiving early, fly out that night for 1.5 days of traveling to the Seychelles. Once at the Seychelles, which is off of Africa half way around the world from Pittsburgh, we would fly fishing for 7 days and travel back 1.5 days which is 8 total flights there and back. Due to the treatment I have to delay this trip although I will stay involved with my friends going; I was going to write fishing articles, update Frontiers Travel marketing / pics, and review new gear we used as well as doing research for Bonefish and Tarpon Trust. Due to the treatment, I cannot go to the Seychelles for a while, but will fly fish for Steelhead in PA, NY, and OH as well as enjoy the whole day of Thanksgiving and spending time before and after Turkeyday with family and friends.

Lastly, I will be finishing our basement in the Winter, continuing my (2) fishing books; 1 for children and 1 for adults. If anyone has questions, comments, needs me to represent them as their real estate agent, call me or text me at 412.779.7076, or email me at Yinz can do anything here on this blog, I just do not use this as much; everyone, thank you for your thoughts, prayers, gifts, advice, encouragement, etc. I am so ready to roll, confident, I will beat this disease and start having a family as soon as I can with my wife.

My wife is the most beautiful in the world, just turned 27, the smartest, works so hard as the best Pharmacist, helps me and her family, cooks dramatically; we have been married over a year (9/19/09), celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Italy, will do our 5th year in Ireland where we got engaged in Kilarny; I took her from our hotel through the city, through a park, along a stream, and dropped off at a castle and lake by a horse drawn carriage. We hopped in a boat and the captain took us out to an island where we walked in a circle and had lunch out of a wicker basket. I dropped to one knee and asked her to marry me; it was amazing as she said yes and we celebrated.

I am sorry this is so long, I finally updated this and will post a lot of pictures to the photo gallery and read comments and stories.

Lance Snyder

8 responses to “Treatment will Be Started on Monday 11/15; met with Mario Lemieux last night

  1. Pastor Jeff and Kathy Kipp

    Lance, we at Congregation Yeshua Ben David are keeping at the top of our prayer list buddy. We will be remembering you in prayer every day.

    Rabbi Jeff Kipp

  2. Beloved Lucky Lance,

    This post made your Colorado sister sooo happy as I stand in my little kitchen, the sun poised to stream over the bluffs to the East, still in my jammies, and now, because of you, smiling SO BIG.

    You are a complete joy. Your brother showed me your pic with Mario last night. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. You are loved, dear Lance. Thank you for bringing joy to me so partlicularly this morning and so consistently over the last decade plus! Thank you for bring joy every single day to your big brother. He is crazy about you. So am I… =)

    We love you!


    PS. We’ll be watching the game tomorrow, looking for your face!! Go Steelers. Know that you niece and nephew will be sporting their jersies as proud citizen of Steeler nation.

  3. Lance,
    You go, Boy! Do it all!!! I’m glad you got to see that great Pens’ game last night and now you’ll be off to the Steelers’ game tomorrow night! Stop by my house soon for some of Mama Flecks’ famous chocolate chip cookies! I have been praying for you every day and always know that God will be holding you in the palm of His hand.
    Bobbye Flecker

  4. Dear Lance,
    Thanks for the update. It was good to hear your voice. Your words found me in the middle of the night in Poland, while Kasia is getting ready to go to sleep for the night, and the little one in her tummy keeps her awake. There is plaster-of-paris all over my hands; I’m making a huge frog out of our gas-meter. So my boy will grow up believing everyone’s gas meter has been made into a big frog. This little boy will play with your boy someday. They will be buddies. The only question is, whether they will play pick up hockey or baseball. Keep dreaming.

  5. Lance your positive attitutude and faith, is amazing, and it will get you thru this,, it’s amazing, I really believe that this is what fights these diseases and sicknesses off ,,, it’s the attitude that one has,,and when you have that and feel so good about things and about God, it heals the body,, from the inside out!!!!
    We have shared with so many friends and family to pray for you, and we also put you in my women ‘s bible study group,, everyone all over and children too,, are praying,, i know my kids are..!!!
    keep smiling,, we love you!!!!!

  6. Dear Lance,
    As I read your words I am reminded of a quote by Winston Churchill. “Attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference.” It is wonderful and awe-inspiring to see how you are turning the page in such a courageous and positive way. What a thrill to meet hockey great Mario Lemieux, another person (like you) who faced health issues with amazing grace and bravery! The Wehrles wish you, your beautiful bride, Francine and all of the Snyders God’s Blessings and special wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless! You are in our daily thoughts and prayers.
    Donna Wehrle

  7. Good morning Lance, good luck with your treatments today! Sounds like a fun weekend in sports! You are a strong man and we all are praying for you and your recovery time! I look forward to having lunch soon with you and your Dad! Dave Progar

  8. The Vigrass family

    Hi Lance and all the Snyder family,
    Every one in the Vigrass clan is praying for you! You are surrounded by so much love and support and it will truly help. It is nice to have this blog to keep us informed. You keep on fighting!

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