More than a pumpkin

My wife Kasia says hope carries on the wings of a butterfly. It’s an idea she borrowed from her sister-in-law, Cherie. Where Cherie heard this delightful bit of wisdom, I know not. But it’s true: butterflies carry hope. And not just any kind of hope. Real hope, the kind you feel watching a bed sheet dancing in the sun-shine while pinned to a clothesline that holds aloft the butterfly. There are thousands (you’ve seen them haven’t you?). Tonight, before you go to bed, look for them, as they take their rest on bed-posts or head-boards or drawer knobs all over the United States, and Britain, and Poland, and Argentina, and Switzerland, in the thousand odd places they’ll fold their wings during God-our-father-we-thank-you and take flight upon the words, goodnight children.




5 responses to “More than a pumpkin

  1. I’m sure you already knew of this, but did you ever read the story about how a white butterfly saved the lives of the Chilean miners? Here’s a version of it: Hope that encourages you.

  2. Deb (Maletick) Komora

    YES!!!! Hope is carried on the wings of a butterfly…..A few years back my husband and I were trying for a second child. We tried…tried….and tried. I miscarried several times. The one thing that stayed constant was my faith in the Lord that we would have more than one child. When I would see a butterfly I was reminded of my loss, however, I was also reminded that those butterflies were flying passed me with the spirit of a child. MY CHILD….and I would smile. I finally did have my second child about 3 months ago. She was born in the hot summer sun of July. We brought her home. She was very jaundice so per dr.’s orders, she needed to have lots of sunlight. I spent most of my waking minutes outdoors with her. Everytime we were outside, I would see a handful of BUTTERFLIES…..they fleeted around constantly. That was my message from the Lord above that my children in heaven were ok and that Carissa was my miracle. Here’s to many butterflies for you Lance, may they signify Hope, Faith, and Miracles for you as well. GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!! Thinking of you.

  3. Colleen Kalista Gomolekoff

    So true about butterflies, they symbolize hope for all.

  4. kristin watkins

    this is so beautiful,, and so true , we love butterflies, and everytime we see one, we have to talk about, it or them,, they are amazing!!! Thanks to you two for these amazing words of positivity!

  5. Incredible post. I love this! Also a beautiful pumpkin!

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