Lance is Home!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today has been a blessed day! Our Lance is home and doing fabulous! He is still resting up but healing great. He is so overwelmed by the pouring out of love that he has received from this blog as well as the cards sent to the house. He and I are so grateful that we have such amazing family and friends…we would be lost without all of you!!!  I will write soon again to let you know how we are proceeding along…..

Love to all!

(Name that thing on Lance’s head – send your suggestions 🙂  )

35 responses to “Lance is Home!!!!

  1. It was fantastic to hear that Lance was going home today. Take care, be strong and our daily prayers are with you. Did I mention we have some great Pens and Pitt basketball tickets that we have to share with someone – who else? Nicholas stills talks about the games he attended with you and your dad!

  2. “The very hungry cancer-eating caterpillar” with nothing left to eat!!!
    Love and prayers continue from Colorado

  3. Dan Knickerbocker

    Our heartfelt thanks for his return home. I got his text and gave a cheer just now. Thank you for keeping us up to date, there are so many of us pulling for you.

    PS- Got you some cool stuff at Marriotts, we’ll talk. Think “dorado” for April!

  4. All of our family lift Lance and your entire family to the Lord to ask for healing and peace for everyone. May God bless you all.

    Judi, Roger, Heather, Whitney and Sarah Juselius

  5. I think this is Murris’ divot, on the first tee, after being reprimanded by the starter to put it back, while wearing umbros. – Morgan & Parker (Lance’s brothers)

  6. Ashley Snyder Frankis

    Lance, WELCOME HOME!!! I would do anything to be there now with you, Francine, Morgan, Parker, Mom, and Dad. While I was so grateful to be there last week, my stay in Pittsburgh will never now seem like long enough. Our family has truly realized what a gift each and every day is. I had to leave before your eyes were fully opened and you were up and walking around. It was so hard to go. But, I’ll be back soon, Lance. Stay strong and FIGHT!!! I love you, Lance. ~Ashley

  7. The creepy crawler that ate it all..So happy to hear the good news!..We have an Awesme God !!!..Kristins mom..Dolly

  8. I always knew you were tough, Lance, but I never knew how tough. Audrey

  9. kristin watkins

    We are so happy Lance and all of you Snyders!!!! Our God is amazing!!!! You are in the palm of his hands the whole time!!!!!!
    My kids are making you a get well card, you will LOVE it!!!!!
    we also have you on our churchs’ prayer list,, !!!!!

  10. Welcome home Lance!! It is so nice to see all the love and support from your family and friends on here. Will continue to keep you in my daily thoughts and prayers. You got this!!! Take care 🙂

  11. Lance, We are all so happy to hear that you are home! JoJo has been saying prayers for you ever since she heard you were in the hospital.
    All of us cant wait to see you again. Rest, relax, eat well and get well.
    We will see you very soon.

  12. Lance & Francine~
    We are thinking of you and praying for you at this challenging time in your lives. Be strong and lean on your support. May God bless you both.
    Billy & Mary Siegel

  13. Omigosh, this is just amazing news! I am so happy for you newlyweds to be back home in your cozy little nest in Aspinwall. Take it easy, no jogging just yet, sit back with the remote, a Sports Illustrated magazine, a cold Iron City and your beautiful bride by your side and just enjoy God’s wonderful love. He has brought you this far, He will be by your side the whole way, Lance. The Flecker Family are cheering loud and clearly for your return to our neighborhood!

  14. Lance,

    I think you never looked more handsome and more rebelled! Love you guys!

  15. Welcome home Lance!!! I was so happy to read that you are now home in your own house with your own favorite stuff, etc…. hoping for a speedy recovery for you my man!

  16. Glad to hear that you are home safe! Call me when you are feeling a little better. Lets watch a pens game together.

    In reference to the cool scar.
    “stay golden pony boy”

  17. Nonnie Santelli

    Lance, I don’t know if you remember me. I am Courtney Santelli’s Mom,
    Nonnie. Since we heard about you we have been praying for you. We are so happy to hear you are home with your wife. We want you to know that we continue to pray for a wonderful recovery. God Bless you! I use to play Bunco with your MOM.

  18. Uncle Lance, we are so happy you are HOME!!!!! We love you! Give Auntie Francine and BIG KISS for us.

    Joshua, Abigail and Cherie

  19. Lance, I just had the pleasure of meeting your father a few weeks ago at our Grove at Hebron Church. But I have known of your family for many years through the telling of your shared experiences with my sons, Aaron and Sean Barbour. I am reading James 5: 13-15 right now instead working at my job. I am praying now in thanksgiving for the wonderful wife and family the Lord has blessed you with as you endure this trial. I am also praying fervently both day and night with my Brothers at Hebron for your endurance and healing. May God bless and keep you this day and each day after…and may he be praised and glorifed by your healing. Give him your trust and know that all of us are committed to you in spirit. John Barbour

  20. Oh Lance “Perry”, Where do I even begin??? The Gurson family has been thinking about you non stop. We have all been praying so hard and are SO happy to hear that you are home. This is an incredible blog!!!! Parker, your writing always just wows me.
    I saw the picture above and I too was immediately reminded of the “Very Hungry Caterpillar” book…but b/c that was the play that Lance and I (and many others in our class) put on in Pre-School at Good Sheppard on Powers Run over 20 years ago 🙂
    Keep fighting Perry, and we will keep praying!!! You are so very lucky so be surrounded by such an amazing family & support system! Just know that both near and far, from your JMU family to your FC family, we’re all thinking about you!

  21. Lance,
    So glad to hear that you are home and feeling upbeat and a little bit like yourself! I wanted to let you know that my mom had the same incision on her head last year when she had a cerebral aneurysm clipped, also at Shadyside Hospital. I thought it would be a big scar since it felt like a piece of rope, but now it is so flat that you would never have guessed that it was so thick just months ago. Just thought you might like to hear that it will go away and not be detectable with time! Stay positive!

  22. Vinnie and Rocco Didomenico

    Lance and Francine,

    We have just returned from our trip to the Holy Land. We want you to know that we have been praying for your full recovery everyday. On our trip we told Father Regis Farmer, our group leader from St. Catherine of Sweeden on Wildwood Rd., of your circumstance. He and all of us, (a 25 member group) prayed for you specifically at all of the holy places. We celebrated a mass for you on the Mount of Beatitudes the day of your surgery and on another day in the Shepherds Field. We also left a note asking God to heal you in the Western Wall.
    We will continue to pray because we have faith in prayers.

    Vinnie and Rocco Didomenico

  23. Lance-
    It’s great news to hear you’re home– Emily and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers.
    Take care buddy,

  24. Lance & Francine~
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this challenging time in your lives. We’re so glad to hear you are home. Be strong and keep the faith! God Bless you both.
    Billy & Mary Siegel

  25. Stephen Garrison

    Hey Lance– its great news to hear you are out of the hospital. Emily and I are keeping you and your family in our prayers.
    Take care buddy,

  26. FYF!! Feeding Your Faith. So that your doubts will starve to death. We all wish you God’s blessings and healing mercies. So thankful that you have Francine.

  27. Dear Lance, Francine, and the entire Snyder family,

    I am not nor have I ever been a religious man but please know that I am praying everyday for you all, as are all of us who love and care for you. So happy to hear you have made it home already and hope to see you soon Uncle L, anything we can do please let us know.


  28. hey Lance, Tom thinks you look tough. I certainly hope he doesn’t get any ideas about that hair!!!!!! so glad you’re home. take it easy and put down the lap top!

  29. So happy that you are home, Lance, with your beautiful Francine. Let’s name the thing on your head the “Harrison mark.” I’m praying hard for you to St. Dymphna – she’s the best!

  30. Hi Lance…………..ok…..I think you should say you got that from the “hit’ James Harrison got the fine of 75,000 for in the Steeler /cleveland game.

    Love you and praying for your recovery…………..

  31. Hi Lance! I am so glad to hear you are home from the hospital. Stu has been so kind to keep me in the loop and I read over the blog…it certainly seems that you have an amazing family and support system. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you! The other day I started laughing when I was thinking of Dixon…do you remember when he ate the leftovers of our chicken parm sandwiches after the Super Bowl and made a huge mess upstairs in your apartment? 🙂
    So glad to hear that you’re getting better, and thanks to your brother and beautiful wife for keeping us all updated.

  32. Lance, It’s hard to understand why certain things happen in life. Stay strong for your family and loved ones.You seem to be recuperating from your surgery beautifully. You’re in my thoughts and prayers daily. If there’s anything I can do, don’t hesitate to ask. My family and I send you our love. Get well soon. Dr. Kalista

  33. To Lance, Francine, and your family,
    As these things always are, it was such a shock to hear about your problem. I just found out yesterday on thehockey rumor mill and then found some reliable information today and was so glad to hear that you are home already and doing so well in your fight to beat this! The name of your blog is fantastic and it reflect the kind of attitude and spirit that will help so much in your recovery. Thank you so much for setting up this blog as it truly inspires and helps all of your many friends. You are in the thoughts and prayers of all of the famlies of the Fox Chapel Hockey Club.

  34. Hello Lance,
    You may not recognize my name — I am Kate Sarra’s aunt from Cincinnati. You took us (Kate and me) around to look at properties in FC a year or so ago. I just wanted to let you know that you are receiving daily prayers and healing thoughts from me and many others who I have asked to pray for you. Please take time each day to feel the love, energy, and support that will ultimately carry you through this journey. It is obvious from this blog that you have the tools to get through this “speed bump” in the road of life. You are blessed with unconditional and unending love which has already shown its power. The love of family and friends will give you the strength that you need and before you know it, you will be fly fishing and looking back on this experience as a mere inconvenience.

    Although I only spent a few hours with you, I found you to be a warm and kind person. I just wanted you to know that I am holding you close to my heart and you and your family are in every thought and prayer. Keep up the positive attitude and lean on your friends and family for strength. Allow us to carry some of the burden for you. We are all here to for you and someday we may be asking you for support. Most of all, always remember how much you are cared for and how special you are! Now, get well and sell me a house : )

  35. Hi Lance, Francine, and the Snyder Family!
    I just wanted to send my love and prayers from Binghamton NY; even though I am far from Pittsburgh my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I’m glad your home safely and I will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if you need anything and I know that you will come through this with flying colors!

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